How To Advocate For Your Mental Health In A Difficult Work Environment

Mental health issues affect many people, especially in the workplace. While we may not realize the negative impact our work environment may be having on our co-workers or even ourselves, the World Health Organization reports that depression and anxiety have a serious impact on the global economy, resulting in $1 trillion of lost productivity every year. The most commonly reported causes in the workplace that contribute to these losses are bullying and harassment, especially in cases where those in managerial roles turn a blind eye to the problem. Although one would hope that in 2019 companies would take mental health issues and their causes seriously, that’s not always the case.

If you’re in a work environment that doesn’t take mental health as seriously as they should, or one that doesn’t emphasize the importance of work-life balance, things can get even more complicated. Although it may be difficult, learning to advocate for your mental health is crucial to taking care of yourself. Take asking for a mental health day as an example.  more

Mental Illness and Work

People living with mental illnesses want the same healthy workplace environments as everyone else.  Ignoring mental health in the workplace causes massive losses in a business’ bottom line and creates hardship for employees. With statistics showing that 1 in 4 adults has a diagnosable mental health disorder, it is time for us to be proactive in our workplace policies. Whether you are an employer looking to create a space with mental health in mind or an individual searching for a supportive environment, here are some key components to supporting mental health at work:  read more