Center takes strict approach to suboxone treatment

For Cynthia Anders, battling drug withdrawal symptoms came in the form of a black box with a 3-D T-Rex covering.

It has been several weeks since she had possession of the box, but it became a colorful symbol of her ongoing recovery from opiate abuse.

The box was used to keep her prescriptions to buprenorphine, most commonly known by the brand name Suboxone. It is a method, some view as controversial, that uses an opioid to treat opioid addiction by weaning off the cravings.  more

Sober October: What happens when you stop drinking? How quitting alcohol can make you healthier and happier

The campaign encourages people to go for 31 days without drinking a drop of alcohol.

Aside from being a great way to give back, there are plenty of other reasons why people are choosing to ditch the booze this month, from slimming their waistlines to saving some pennies.

We know that cutting alcohol from our lifestyles can help improve our liver and heart health, but what are some of the other benefits of going teetotal and how long before you see the effect on your overall health?

Here, Dr Fiona Sim, a former GP and medical advisor to Drinkaware, answers all of your questions about what happens to your body when you stop drinking:   more

Hangover Anxiety: Why You Get ‘Hangxiety’ After a Night of Drinking

For some drinkers, it’s almost as reliable as the pounding headache and queasy stomach: the feeling of dread that follows a night of heavy imbibing. Your mind races as you frantically scroll through your text messages and Instagrams, replaying what you can remember from the night before. Did I say anything embarrassing? Did I offend anyone? Do my friends hate me now?

For some, these doubts are just fleeting, run-of-the-mill nerves from letting their guard down after a few too many drinks the night before. But for others, these all-encompassing thoughts aren’t just regret from drinking too much or your mind’s effort to piece together a hazy night. The overwhelming feeling of nervousness after drinking too much is an experience common enough that Reddit has devoted threads to the term: “hangxiety.”  more