I have extreme travel anxiety — here’s the one thing I’ve found helps

  • I have extreme anxiety when it comes to planning and going on a trip.
  • To ease my anxiety, I tried doing the exact opposite of what I usually do and I planned nothing.
  • It made me realize that I don’t need to have control in order for things to go well, and thinking that I do is such a huge source of my anxiety.

When it comes to going on vacation, I often feel like my brain is split in two. One part of me is filled with adventure and spontaneous energy; I want to go everywhere, see new things, try exotic foods, and explore whatever comes my way.

The other part of me, the bigger part, is filled with travel anxiety. I worry about the smallest of details from the moment a trip idea comes into my head until the moment the vacation ends. It isn’t until I’m settled in my bed, home safe, that I feel an immense sense of relief. The sad part is that I absolutely love being on vacation and exploring a new place. Because of that, I am always looking for ways to fight my travel anxiety.  more

How A Wooden Bench In Zimbabwe Is Starting A Revolution In Mental Health

In the early 2000s, when there were just two psychiatrists serving over 12 million people, Zimbabwe had to get creative to treat depression. Now, one bright idea — the Friendship Bench — is spreading far and wide.

Dixon Chibanda spent more time with Erica than most of his other patients. It wasn’t that her problems were more serious than others’ — she was just one of thousands of women in their mid-20s with depression in Zimbabwe. It was because she had traveled over 160 miles to meet him.  more