True Story: April

Addiction has been a part of my family for as long as I can remember. It affected my life before I even had a choice. My sister was addicted, my mother was addicted…the list goes on and on. My parents got divorced when I was 12; around then is when I started using. I dropped acid, drank alcohol, and smoked a lot of pot. It wasn’t total dependency yet, but I was dabbling. I gave birth to my dAprilaughter Jessica when I was 19; the love for her is what motivated me to get my life together.  more

Research Is Shedding New Light on Hearing Voices

Hearing voices can have little—or life-changing significance.

What are we to think of someone who says that God has spoken to them?  Often the expression “speaks to me” is used figuratively, not literally.  When something really speaks to you, you mean that it is meaningful and emotionally relevant to you.  Mental messages that a person voluntarily generates are simply inner speech, that is, verbal thinking.  Most of our conscious thoughts are verbal.  Although most people can think in non-verbal formats, such as visual imagery, verbal thinking dominates people’s conscious mental processing.

When someone reports hearing a message “in their mind,” usually they don’t mean that they have had a hallucination.  more