How Women Are Watching Porn Today, Because We’re Viewing It On Our Phones More Than Men

In case anyone out there had any doubts, women do watch porn. In fact, many love watching it on the regular and the number of women who admit to watching porn continue to rise each year. So in honor of International Women’s Day, Pornhub put together a list of insights on how women are watching porn. It might surprise you to know that we’re significantly watching more of it on one particular device than men are.

According to Pornhub’s 2016 Year in Review, it was found that women make up over a fourth of all visitors on the site. And, Pornhub saw significant decreases in traffic on January 21, the day of the Women’s March. Viewership even dropped over 20 percent in major cities like Washington D.C., New York, and Los Angeles. If traffic can change that much, clearly porn isn’t just a guy thing like many choose to believe.  more

The Brain’s Of Porn Addicts

Pornography: Helping or Harming Our Brains?

Over the past decade there has been much debate about the merits and risks of viewing pornography. Anti-porn advocates often argue that viewing erotic images can alter the brain and result in porn addiction. In this article we take a look at some of the recent research to better understand what the data tells us about pornography, psychology, and the brain.

Statistics on Porn Use

One does not have to go very far to obtain pornography; there are literally millions of websites at an internet user’s fingertips. Estimates of the amount of internet use devoted to pornography range from 4% to 46% (of all internet use), according to the media.  more