How Women Are Watching Porn Today, Because We’re Viewing It On Our Phones More Than Men

In case anyone out there had any doubts, women do watch porn. In fact, many love watching it on the regular and the number of women who admit to watching porn continue to rise each year. So in honor of International Women’s Day, Pornhub put together a list of insights on how women are watching porn. It might surprise you to know that we’re significantly watching more of it on one particular device than men are.

According to Pornhub’s 2016 Year in Review, it was found that women make up over a fourth of all visitors on the site. And, Pornhub saw significant decreases in traffic on January 21, the day of the Women’s March. Viewership even dropped over 20 percent in major cities like Washington D.C., New York, and Los Angeles. If traffic can change that much, clearly porn isn’t just a guy thing like many choose to believe.  more

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The Mental Health Crisis is upon the Internet Generation

PublicDomainPictures / PixabayMy student Julie and I recently conducted a study on the mental health outcomes associated with being separated from family during the college years (such as by going to college out of state, which is, of course, very common). The findings were complex – and I won’t bore you with nuances here. But I will provide you with one headline that struck me: In our sample of over 200 college students, 59% reported having been diagnosed at some point with some psychological disorder. Note: This is not 59% reporting that they sometimes feel anxious or depressed. This question very explicitly asked if they had been diagnosed with a disorder.

Think about that.


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