Jack White – What’s The Trick? (Official Video)

Love the “Warriors” vibe in the intro!

What’s the trick?
In making my love stick
What’s the trick?
Two gentlemen of elegant appearance
In a state of bustitude
I give them coffee-colored crystals
That should change their attitude
I’m using appropriate compression for
My inappropriate confessions for
Someone I guess who might need it more
I don’t even know what I am doing it for
This is my first
My worst, my past
And my last
Imperfect effort
One hundred insults
Left on my windshield in the morning
Release my beast
‘Cause the rain never came and washed them away
If I die tomorrow
What did I do today?
You want fresh air?
You won’t find it this way
Check your left, check your right
Check your rearview mirror
Check it every night
Stomping on a box that I thought was empty
But there was something sharp inside
Something sharp inside
Sharp inside
Quit bolting your food
Don’t be rude
Plus one and minus one equals zero
That’s a defeatist attitude
I’m sick of this
Dead to the world but
Not to you but
I’m dead to the world but
Not to you
What’s the trick?
To making my love stick
What’s the trick?
What’s the trick?
What’s the trick?
In making my love stick
What’s the trick?
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: John Anthony White
Artist: Jack White
Album: Fear of the Dawn
Released: 2022
What’s the Trick? lyrics © Third String Tunes, Songs Of Universal Inc.

Insane 100 – My Story – Hearing Voices(E1- P3)

Part 3 of 3


To anyone following this blog, I appreciate your support! I started this blog in June of 2018 to share my story of addiction and hearing voices. I am not a great writer, so me and my sister thought putting my story on video might be a better option. In the mean time I have been posting articles dealing with mental health. I hope these articles have brought some attention to mental illness and/or addiction. While I will continue to post articles dealing w/ mental health/illness, I would also like to share my story, any feedback will be appreciated.