These people are talking about mental health in the most empowering way across Instagram

Every day on Instagram we see people share their stories around mental health. From dedicated accounts tackling real issues, to hashtags of support and kind comments, Instagram has become a community of support to many.

This World Mental Health Day, we’re celebrating those making a positive difference to people’s lives every single day via social media.

With hashtags such as #WorldMentalHealthDay, #itsoknottobeok and #mentalhealthawareness rapidly growing, supporting positive mental health is a top priority for the Instagram community, with Instagram providing a safe space to those seeking information, help and support.   more

Depression, Loneliness, and the Road to Unhealthy Eating

How to manage unhealthy eating habits when loneliness strikes.

When you’re feeling depressed, it really can feel so much worse when you’re sitting there all alone, without anyone else to talk to, and especially at night. (Have you ever noticed that your depression feels worse after the sun goes down?)

How do I know this? I’ve been there before! I’ve also had the personal experience of how the feel-bad state of depression easily leads to emotional eating, food addiction, and binge eating.   more