How I Learned To Control and Silence My Aggressive Voice

Where do the voices come from ?

Being a Voice Hearer, I read on the internet where other Voice Hearers say their voices come from. I talked to other Voice Hearers about what they currently believed about where their voice comes from . I was also told by my voice what it was and where it came from. This actually chopped and changed over the years. There were times when I believed what my voice was telling me and times when I didn’t believe it. Below is a summary of all the places my voice and some fellow Voice Hearers suggested to me voices come from. They vary from the scientific to the very outlandish. I listed them because it helped me get to it down on paper and be objective about it.  more

Mental Illness and Work

People living with mental illnesses want the same healthy workplace environments as everyone else.  Ignoring mental health in the workplace causes massive losses in a business’ bottom line and creates hardship for employees. With statistics showing that 1 in 4 adults has a diagnosable mental health disorder, it is time for us to be proactive in our workplace policies. Whether you are an employer looking to create a space with mental health in mind or an individual searching for a supportive environment, here are some key components to supporting mental health at work:  read more

9 Ways To Fight Mental Health Stigma

Most people who live with mental illness have, at some point, been blamed for their condition. They’ve been called names. Their symptoms have been referred to as “a phase” or something they can control “if they only tried.” They have been illegally discriminated against, with no justice. This is the unwieldy power that stigma holds.

Stigma causes people to feel ashamed for something that isout of their control. Worst of all, stigma prevents people from seeking the help they need. For a group of people who already carry such a heavy burden, stigma is an unacceptable addition to their pain. And while stigma has reduced in recent years, the pace of progress has not been quick enough.  more