5 Borderline Personality Disorder Signs That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Is it hard to maintain a relationship?
If borderline personality disorder (BPD) were a relationship status, it would be “it’s complicated.”

Despite being in the spotlight lately via TV shows like The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriendand celebrities like SNL’s Pete Davidson, there’s still a lot of unknowns about the mental health condition

That’s in part because BPD is characterized through different personality-based trends and patterns, which are very hard to nail down, says Kevin Gilliland, Psy.D., executive director of Innovation 360, an out-patient clinic in Dallas, Texas. And those patterns can show up in almost every aspect of a person’s life, from how they act in relationships, to how they handle work situations, to even how they handle their own inner thoughts.  more

Celebrities Who’ve Spoken Out About Living With Mental Health Issues

Lady Gaga isn’t the only one who’s been refreshingly open discussing mental illness. Here are other celebrities speaking out in a bid to smash the stigma…

Amanda Bynes reveals she’s 4 years sober, denies mental health challenges: My behavior was ‘drug induced’

Amanda Bynes is ready for her comeback.

The reclusive 32-year-old retreated from the spotlight after capturing way too much of it several years ago. Starting in 2010, the former Nickelodeon star made headlines for her odd behaviorpuzzling tweets and multiple legal issues, but she’s ready to put all that in the past. Bynes, a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, is receiving her associate of arts degree in merchandise product development this month but wants to return to acting, eight years after retiring on Twitter.

In a rare, candid interview with Paper magazine, Bynes opened up about her private struggles that became so public. The former All That star revealed she became depressed after her 2006 film She’s the Man, in which she played a teen girl dressing in drag to pose as her brother.

“I went into a deep depression for four to six months because I didn’t like how I looked when I was a boy,” she reflected, adding that seeing herself with short hair and sideburns was “a super strange and out-of-body experience. It just really put me into a funk. …  more

10 Lady Gaga Mental Health Quotes That Helped Break Stigma

While a decade ago Lady Gaga was best known for wearing a meat dress and arriving at the Grammy Awards in a giant egg-shaped contraption, these days she’s also lauded for her relentless pursuit of mental health equality. In fact, Lady Gaga’s quotes about mental health are so relevant they will inspire you to join her in the effort to break the stigma. It’s no secret that Gaga has always been strategic and intentional about making cultural and political statements with her music — few will forget her artistic commentary on the damaging effects of fame from her performance of the song “Paparazzi” at the 2009 Video Music Awards.

However, the addition of her brutal honesty about her own mental health struggles — she revealed at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s third annual Patron of the Artists Awards that she has battled PTSD and “debilitating mental spirals that have included suicidal ideation and masochistic behavior” — has sparked an important mental health dialogue. What’s more, Gaga is using every opportunity, including acceptance speeches, natural disasters, press events for her movie A Star Is Born, and more to speak out about the importance of bringing mental illness out of the shadows and into everyday conversations.  more

20 of the Most Important Celebrity Quotes About Mental Health

Struggles with mental health affect millions. In fact, an estimated one in every five adults struggles with some kind of mental illness—more than 44.7 million in the United States alone. Mental health is an issue that affects everyone, including celebrities. Here are some of the most important things celebrities have said about mental health and their own stories related to it.  more

15 Celebrities We Tragically Lost to Mental Illness

Though there have been more and more discussions about mental illness and the disruptive effect it can have on people’s lives, there is still a major stigma surrounding it. This stigma can cause people to hide their pain and try and deal with things behind closed doors. While many people, including celebrities, have decided to come forward and be transparent about their mental health struggles, discussing the issue does not always mean that you can overcome it.

Mental illness, like any other disease, is a battle that must be confronted every day. Sadly, not everyone can overcome the pain that weights down on them. Whether it’s depression, past traumas, bipolar disorder, or something else altogether, here are 15 celebrities that we tragically lost to mental illness.  more

Deepika Padukone Opens Up About Struggle with Depression and Why She’s ‘#NotAshamed’ of Mental Illness

Actress Deepika Padukone shared her struggle with depression in a powerful message on Instagram on Wednesday, in honor of World Mental Health Day.

In a video posted to her account, Padukone discusses being diagnosed with clinical depression in 2014 and the need to destigmatize mental illness.

In 2014, I was diagnosed with clinical depression,” Padukone said. “But in India, 90 per cent of people who suffer from depression don’t seek help. Depression is like any other illness that requires intervention.”  more

Stars Who Have Opened Up About Dealing With Anxiety

Ryan Reynolds, Ariana Grande, Emma Stone and Hugh Grant are just some of the high-profile public figures who have gone public with their mental-health issues.

Approximately 18 percent of American adults deal with anxiety, including a number of Hollywood stars and entertainment industry figures.

While an omnipresent stigma has kept many famous faces from sharing their mental health struggles, more and more stars have come forward in recent years, with Ryan Reynolds and Carson Daly among the notable names speaking out just in the past few months.

Emma Stone, Lena Dunham and Jesse Eisenberg have teamed up with the Child Mind Institute to promote a campaign for mental health awareness. In their #MyYoungerSelf videos, a number of Hollywood stars share their experiences with mental illness, encouraging those suffering from anxiety disorders to seek treatment. Others have taken to their personal platforms to tell their stories, often in an effort to dispel any taboos that surround the topic.

With Hollywood in its own age of anxiety, read on to see how some of the industry’s stars deal with their own psychological issues.  more

Here’s why anxiety in boys can look like anger, and how some famous role models can help them get through it

The movie theater is sold out, and Jalen Moore has folded his 6-foot-8-inch frame into a mid-row seat.

Confinement alone makes this a stressful situation for Moore, who might still be playing in the National Basketball Association if not for the anxiety attacks that began last spring, while he was belted into a stuffy cabin seat on a plane before a game.

What’s worse, the movie he and his girlfriend are watching is “A Quiet Place.” The screen shows a post-apocalyptic world where anyone who makes the slightest sound is set upon by man-eating demons.

Moore feels hot, and begins to sweat. Instinctively, he looks for the exits, and he knows his girlfriend will understand if he decides to leave the theater. It’s happened before.  more

100 Voices: Laura Sheeran On The Need to Talk About Suicide: #NowWereTalking

We invited a 100-strong chorus of artists, writers, musicians, broadcasters, sports stars and more to contribute to Now We’re Talking, a mental health campaign, run in partnership with Lyons Tea and Pieta House. Laura Sheeran shares her story…

I can’t say that I’ve battled with depression or suffered any serious mental health issues – and I’m very lucky to be able to say that – but many of my friends and family have. I’ve known so many people who’ve died by suicide. The first time I lost somebody that I cared about to suicide I was 11. My mom’s best friend died by suicide and she took her two children with her. It was the most horrific, tragic thing ever. So as a kid I became aware of these things.   more