If You Feel Thankful, Write It Down. It’s Good For Your Health

Over this past year, lifestyle blogger Aileen Xu has kept a monthly gratitude list.

Sometimes it was the big stuff: “I’m grateful that my family is so understanding. I’m grateful so many people care.”

And sometimes it was life’s little blessings: “July 2018: I’m grateful for good hair after I shower.”

Xu started making such lists when she was in college, “at a point when I was just not in a very good place in my life.” Now, the 28-year-old lifestyle blogger and YouTuber recommends the practice to her nearly 750,000 subscribers.  more

This is what body shaming is doing to your mental health: Why you should refrain from body shaming

Body shaming, as the name suggests, is shaming someone for their body shape or body type. It is a modern term recently coined and talked about, but body shaming in practice has existed for a very long time.

People have a definite notion of “beauty” which defines standards of skin colour, body dimensions, hair length, or the kind of clothes someone should or should not wear. People are always too thin, too fat, too tall, too short, too dark, or too fair for the society, and it has repercussions that are not even realised in everyday life. Body shaming affects mental and physical health in surprising ways- both for the person who is body shaming and the one who is being body shamed.  more

‘Our pupils would have been on the scrapheap’: the school for bullied children

Every year, 16,000 children leave school because of bullying. Hannah Letters was one of them. She talks about how she got back on track

The bullying started when Hannah Letters was 11. “I struggled with the transition to secondary school and found it hard to make friends.” Her classmates made snide comments about her appearance. When her mother was diagnosed with cancer, the comments got worse. She was sent messages on social media, telling her that no one liked her. “One of the girls turned and said to me, ‘If you had looked after your mother better, she wouldn’t have got cancer.’ I had such low self-esteem by then, anything she said I believed. I started to blame myself.”

By the time she was 13, Letters was self-harming. The bullies were constantly on her mind and she would wake up screaming from nightmares. She wasn’t happy with the response she got from her school, and “each time my mother or I complained, the bullying got worse”. When the bullies physically attacked her, it was the last straw for Letters’ mother. She took her off the school roll. That meant her school was absolved of its legal responsibility to provide her with an education. She became yet another statistic: one of the 16,000 children aged 11 to 15 who, each year, “self-exclude” from school due to bullying.

By then, Letters was a wreck and could not contemplate starting a new school. “I felt worthless, stupid, ugly and fat – I didn’t see the point in being alive. I had no motivation to learn.” more

The Battle Over Brett Kavanaugh Has Ended. But the Pain His Hearing Triggered Has Not

Since #MeToo went viral, survivors have been inundated with stories of sexual assault and harassment on a weekly — and for some stretches, daily — basis. But nothing had evoked memories and pains of past traumas in some survivors, and particularly women, as much as the respective testimonies of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Senators, television personalities and people across the country heard stories from loved ones that they had never been told before. The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) saw a 388% increase in traffic on its hotline from the Thursday of the hearing to the following Sunday. That Friday was the busiest day in the organization’s 24-year history. No other single #MeToo moment appeared to precipitate that sort of deluge.

Survivors with histories of sexual abuse are at higher risk of exhibiting PTSD symptoms whenever a #MeToo story hits the news, according to Freyd. But such allegations are often blips in the 24-hour news cycle. The Kavanaugh story dragged on, with an apparent strain on many survivors that the Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby allegations did not inspire — and it will continue to do so as he takes his seat on the Supreme Court. Experts say that all that has happened could have lasting effects on the psychology of many victims of sexual assault.  more

These people are talking about mental health in the most empowering way across Instagram

Every day on Instagram we see people share their stories around mental health. From dedicated accounts tackling real issues, to hashtags of support and kind comments, Instagram has become a community of support to many.

This World Mental Health Day, we’re celebrating those making a positive difference to people’s lives every single day via social media.

With hashtags such as #WorldMentalHealthDay, #itsoknottobeok and #mentalhealthawareness rapidly growing, supporting positive mental health is a top priority for the Instagram community, with Instagram providing a safe space to those seeking information, help and support.   more

15 Insane Stories From The Bible Everyone Forgets About

The Bible is a very, very strange document – technically, it’s just a WHOLE BUNCH of texts, books, and tomes from many different authors and points in history, which have been altered and edited and translated over and over and over…and still all viewed as a single work. When you have something like that, there’s gonna be a lot of weird stuff in there that people mostly gloss over in favor of the bigger messages and themes (especially when several major religions use it as the Word of God). But did you know HOW weird it gets? As the denizens of r/AskReddit found out – PRETTY WEIRD.

Remember Joseph and his coat of many colors? His siblings did a lot.

A man once slept with/raped one of their sisters. The man then asked Joseph’s family to marry the girl. The brothers agreed, but said that the man and his entire village/tribe would need to get circumcised first.

So all the men in the village get circumcised, which means they’re bedridden for the next couple days. Once that happened, a couple of Joseph’s brothers walked into the village and killed every single man while they were in their beds. more