Sadistik – Sad The Impaler [Official Video]

Co-starring Saint Sadism and Trauma Jockey


I got a knife in my pocket wanna meet it?
I can paint it with some blood wanna see it?
I call it abstract expressionism looking like The Exorcist
I bet their heads’ll spin indefinitely like the devils in ‘em
Get sliced ’til the gills in place
Inside I’m like Gille de Rais
It’s night I don’t feel day rays, get high
I can’t feel my face watch me fill these graves
I am Sad the Impaler
In a forest of my past selves chanting my name
While these people wave goodbye always fanning the flame
Looking Peaceful but insides only acidic rain
Like it was cortisol
Endorphins pumping through my corazon
A war’s at home so I score it like it’s Morricone
The more I go in crowds the more I grow agoraphobe
I know the more I glow up now the more I know I’m so alone
I could torch your home whenever I’m in horror mode
A morbid tortured soul leaving blood on the interstate
Doing drugs off a dinner plate til I drift away
And say Au Revoir I swallow pain like Ouroboros
Dead cops in my daydreams lately
They get shot when they make me angry
Cement blocks if you step to me
Come get lost in the entropy rest peace

Devils sing when I go to sleep
Enemies know its open season
Cook dope for the dopamine
Let em sleep in their coma kingdom


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