A song for all the victims of Histrionic personality disorder(So Cold Produced by Feelo)


I really hate you so much hate that I cant even sleep at night telling everyone lies slandering my name siding with my enemies and were suppose to have a peaceful relationship in this house I’ll just ignore you cause I don’t have a nice thing to say to you people say your beautiful well I don’t see it cause all I see when I look at you is hate your deceiving personality and immature acts got me looking at you with a bald head bucktooth deformed inferior and insecure I cant even put into words how much inner hate I have towards you, how could you tell people I came into your room and raped you, you don’t know what happened to Stephanie and the way it still affects me you really are that desperate for attention cause you are willing to ruin somebody else’s life just to get some spotlight into your own


Coming into my room and stealing my songs and calling them yours like you know the pain dealing with this constant heartache hell never seemed to let up cause as soon as I overcome an obstacle another one pops right up I’m so fucking fed up with your childish acts I’ll buy you a one way plane ticket and I hope you never come back you said this house would be perfect if I wasn’t in it, bitch you moved into my home you ain’t kicking me out of it you ain’t got a clue of what I’m dealing with music is what helps me get through and your taking credit of my lyrics o well what can I really do except release my frustration on this page but wait you would probably flip this too and say I’m the one coming into your room and stealing your songs and this pain is really yours like you even come close to overcoming the hell that I survived you wished that I was dead but if I died you couldn’t plagiarize another one of my verses in my lyrics you hear that I’m hurt was likes on your face book really worth it cause you can’t reverse it


You remind me so much of my mother the way you lie about me and trick people into believing that I’m this demon a devil sent from hell I been through so much of my life now I just see your exactly like her with your attention seeking behavior people think your a saint but I know you ain’t all you did since you been here was add to my pain.

to all those who have been falsely accused of rapped and to all those who have been a victim to someone with histrionic personality disorder

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