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Don’t worry Dave, all we want to do is kill you.”

The Killer Klowns are the titular main antagonists of the 1988 sci-fi/comedy horror film Killer Klowns from Outer Space. They are a murderous and malicious race of alien beings that resemble colorful circus clowns. The clowns use a variety of strange, comical, and futuristic tools and weapons in order to secretly harvest humans for later consumption. This group consists of about 40 Killer Klowns.



The Killer Klowns are a race of humanoid aliens who resemble typical circus clowns from Earth, sporting colorful baggy outfits, big poofy hairdos, white faces with brightly colored markings, and big red noses. Unlike real clowns, Killer Klowns are not in costumes or makeup; they naturally look the way they are. Their heads have noticeably exaggerated anatomy, appearing cartoonishly wider, taller, or more bulbous than a human head, and they all sport very wide grins full of crooked yellow teeth. Their hands resemble organic “Mickey Mouse” gloves and have three fingers with stubby pink nails.

The Klowns seem to have their own language and talk to each other frequently throughout the film, though it is untranslated and sounds like gibberish.  more

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