Intermittent Explosive Disorder

What is intermittent explosive disorder?

Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) is a condition that involves sudden outbursts of rage, aggression, or violence. These reactions tend to be irrational or out of proportion to the situation.

While most people lose their temper once in a while, IED involves frequent, recurring outbursts. Individuals with IED might throw tantrums, destroy property, or attack others verbally or physically.

Read on to learn some common signs of IED.

What are the symptoms?

The impulsive, aggressive episodes that characterize IED can take many forms. Some behaviors that might be signs of IED include:

  • yelling and shouting
  • intense arguments
  • temper tantrums and rampages
  • threats
  • road rage
  • punching walls or breaking plates
  • damaging property
  • physical violence, such as slapping or shoving
  • fights or brawls
  • domestic violence
  • assault

These spells or attacks often occur with little to no warning. They are short-lived, rarely lasting longer than half an hour. They may appear alongside physical symptoms, such as:

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