Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a type of anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive and frequent obsessions and repetitive and ritualistic behaviors.

Individuals with obsessive compulsive disorder can describe feeling driven to do things with an irresistible urge in order to relieve stress and feel better. For those with this condition, ignoring these urges is not easy, and if they can manage, the urge will come back again later. For those with a fear of being infected by germs, it can be common to adopt a handwashing ritual that results in chapped or sore skin, and the condition is often accompanied by shame or other feelings of embarrassment related to the symptoms of the condition.


OCD affects males and females equally, and affects approximately 2% of people at some point during their lives.

People can confuse being a perfectionist with having OCD, but OCD can be a debilitating condition that can impact work, relationships, or school and is very different to a quest for flawless results in a task.  read more

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