INSANE 100 — My Story

Just wanted to post a review of the videos I have posted so far. For those who are new, about ten years ago, I was hearing voices occasionally, I was drinking, and I was doing drugs. (I am sure that helped the voices become more intense.) Approximately five years ago, the voices became 24/7, and started to gain control of me.  This is My Story: (please like and subscribe and share w/ anyone who may be going through anything similar)  – any feedback is appreciated

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4 thoughts on “INSANE 100 — My Story

  1. I applaud your courage, frankness, and humor while sharing your story. My nephew has been struggling now for about 5-6 years with hearing voices. His started after using Meth and he has been hospitalized multiple times and is not “clear” like you are. He often feels he is going to be drafted in the NFL. We are still searching for ways to help him as he has become a frequent flyer at the hospital. I’m going to share this in hopes he will watch & know he isn’t alone. Thanks again for sharing so candidly as I feel it might really help some people out there! ❤️

    1. Thanks for your feedback, — my thoughts are w/ your nephew, — I hope things work out for him, and if any part of my story can help even better. (Fun fact, I once had aspirations of being drafted in the NFL) — so it sounds like we have alot in common. — I do try to take a lighthearted look at some of my struggles, (sometimes), because I think we are all human, and we all have out hills to climb. If I can’t find a way to enjoy my struggles, I will keep going crazy! LOL Thanks again for your feedback, and tell ur nephew if he ever wants to reach out to someone who has been through voices, I would gladly listen and /or share more of what I was going through. (sounds like he has a pretty good support system , family and friends are everything during tough times )

  2. I tried leaving a comment on my iPhone, but it looks like it didn’t post for some reason. I just wanted to thank you for your courage, honesty, and humor in sharing your struggle. My nephew has been struggling for 5-6 years now with hearing voices and delusions of grandeur…. he thinks he will be drafted into the NFL soon. His voices started after a “bad batch” of Meth and he has been unable to recover as of yet. I hope to pass this along to him (I listened to the 1st 3 and will listen to the rest later, I have to run out!). But, I truly appreciate your willingness to badly share. It is so needed and I feel will help many others who struggle in the same way! (My apologies if the other comment eventually posts! It looks to have not posted!). Again, thanks so much!!

    1. Thanks again for your feedback, — (sometimes wordpress won;t post a comment until it is approved – not sure why) I replied to your last post, but I would like to add that meth was one of my drugs of choice, but even when I quit, the voices continued. Without knowing all the details of your nephews situation I won’t pretend to have any definitive answers, but I wiill say, the best thing I ever did was quiting the meth. If he is open to it (and I know first hand that is easier said than done) but that is the BIG first step in a drug/mental illness situation (commonly referred to as dual diagnosis)

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