The homebody economy arrives, just in time for New Year’s Eve

FOR the socially anxious, or even just the socially inept, New Year’s Eve is a historically tough holiday. The intense pressure to have A Great Time, combined with bizarrely expensive prix fixe menus, crowded roads, Uber surge pricing, and the fact that counting down from 30 to one is not an inherently exciting thing to do makes for a less-than-fun evening.

As you get older, you start to realise that having cool, fun New Year’s Eve plans is overrated. And now brands are starting to realise that, too. As part of a larger effort to capitalise on the “homebody economy” – or millennials who prefer to stay at home and spend money on self-care items rather than go out – services such as Netflix and Domino’s Pizza are launching promotional campaigns on Instagram and Twitter explicitly targeted at the stay-at-home crowd.  more

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