Insane 100 – My Story – Hearing Voices(E1- P2)

(Part 2)


To anyone following this blog, I appreciate your support! I started this blog in June of 2018 to share my story of addiction and hearing voices. I am not a great writer, so me and my sister thought putting my story on video might be a better option. In the mean time I have been posting articles dealing with mental health. I hope these articles have brought some attention to mental illness and/or addiction. While I will continue to post articles dealing w/ mental health/illness, I would also like to share my story, any feedback will be appreciated.



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5 thoughts on “Insane 100 – My Story – Hearing Voices(E1- P2)

  1. Mental Health is an issue a number of our fellow bloggers write about as well. I think it is important that as many of us write a number of blogs in support of this important factor facing millions of people each day. Addiction drives mental health downwards as it eats away on the soul of each individual. Recovery is not easy but with the Help of many 12 Step Programs it is easier to achieve. Having a Higher Power is the only way to step by step through each day is the only way.

    Great post amd wish you success in writing more posts to help those who need help and to assist others to understand mental health issues.

    1. Thank you for your feedback,I agree 100% addiction can drive mental health downwards (definitely in my case) thanks you for your positive thoughts, hopefully sharing my experience can help someone (or even better more than one) I learned the hard way, self medicating mental health issues, is not the best route!

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