Insane 100 – My Story – Hearing Voices


To anyone following this blog, I appreciate your support! I started this blog in June of 2018 to share my story of addiction and hearing voices. I am not a great writer, so me and my sister thought putting my story on video might be a better option. In the mean time I have been posting articles dealing with mental health. I hope these articles have brought some attention to mental illness and/or addiction. While I will continue to post articles dealing w/ mental health/illness, I would also like to share my story, any feedback will be appreciated.



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29 thoughts on “Insane 100 – My Story – Hearing Voices

    1. Thank You, and yes, please share, I hope anyone going through a tough time, might be able to identify with some of the things I was going through. Even if it isn’t voices, whatever someone is going through, they may be able to see some parallels. You may notice that I seem to take some enjoyment when I was listening to these voices, (which I did) In future videos it will become obvious why I thought my voice were unique and why I should listen to them. (Thanks for your feedback)

      1. If your going through something difficult dont hesitate to reach out for help. There are many options, including right here, if you ever feel you just want to talk to someone during a Irough time, please dont hesitate. , I have had a lot of bumps in my road, the good news is, I am still here, I may not have any answers for you, but im a good listener, and our stories may have some things in common

      2. How brave are3 you well done mate your doing very well quite the man for standing up and showing how devesting this drug can be.. its the most saddest drug I have ever seen today in our society.. I comend you for showing what it can be… havent seen your part 3 yet looking forward to it.

      3. looking forward to what you think, thanks for taking the time to give your feedback, much appreciated.

      4. Sorry if I gave the impression that I am still in the hospital, I have been hospital free for over 5 years now (knock on wood) I have no plans on going back. I did wind up in six or seven different hospitals during a six to eight month run, the last one I was in for over 3 months. — Happy to report, I am much better now!

      1. I was addicted to crystal meth and alcohol,i was playing one off the other, alittle too much crystal, then i would drink a little more, if I had a lttle too much alcohol, then I would do a little more crystal, this went on for years, the sleep deprivation took its toll, resulting in paranoia and hallucinations

      2. OMG, same go figure wow, i am off it now but, i had thought it could be the same.. jesus, so, whats the outcome for yourself then in relation to recovery?

      3. been off the crystal for over five years now, — had a few relapses w/ alcohol, but over all it is under control, How bout you?

      4. Good to hear, sounds like we have a few things in common. keep up the good fight! Don’t forget to keep me posted on your counseling, (I may be your first client) Thanks again for your feedback!

  1. Thank you for sharing yourself I do appreciate this because I really need to listen to you and learn from this about you and about myself… well done very brave of you xx

    1. Thank You, and again, I appreciate your feedback and I hope my story may be of some help if your going through a tough time. I still have my ups and downs, but I am far from the times of the crystal and the demons. (much better place)

      1. Mine is not an addiction as such I would go weeks … I can do without… It wasnt like I needed.. it…. so I am not sure what your saying what a person with an addiction is like? Can you explain your usage…

  2. Oh brother did I just say NOT AN ADDICTION bloody hell, sorry everything is an adiction.. that stuff especially for me yes it can be and it would be if I don’t watch who visits…

  3. far out why am i the only one commenting god this place needs to comment and be brave… sheeesh… anyway I am learning and as a upcoming counselor this is very valuable so thank you again 🙂

    1. Well thank you again, i definitely appreciate your comments, (I may need some counseling advise in the future) keep me posted on your counseling, I’m sure you will do well! Best of Luck!

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