Boys need better access to mental health care. Why aren’t they getting it?

“If you can’t turn to someone in your life and say how you are really feeling, then you’re only going to end up hurting yourself somehow down the road.”

Mental health has become a crisis among America’s youth, and experts say the unique challenges and needs of young men are not receiving enough attention.

Throughout high school, Alexander Sanchez was severely depressed. He thought about suicide, and he didn’t know how to explain what was wrong or ask for help. Instead, Sanchez said that whenever he wasn’t in school, he would lie in bed all day, “not eating, not being happy, being almost not there.”

It wasn’t until Sanchez, who grew up in College Station, Texas, got to college that a friend convinced him to see a psychologist, who diagnosed him with depression. In hindsight, Sanchez said he did not reach out for help sooner because he believed that men should be self-reliant— an idea he believes he picked up from Tom Cruise and other macho characters on TV and in movies.  more

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3 thoughts on “Boys need better access to mental health care. Why aren’t they getting it?

  1. I agree totally with your post there has always been a very harsh way of bring up boys who can’t feel this, who can’t like this who can’t cry because, if you show anytime of female orientated sooky lar larness so to speak what occurs within the boyhood of mates? I find society with all its multitude of new bright toys and wonderful technology and brillian ideas of hope but, still the old fashion bullshit that men cant talk cant suffer cant have an ounch of emotion all because of old school bullshit… and I am a female … not enough your right my friend you are so right x

  2. Because no-one ever allows them that emotional support by saying they have a human right just like women, I think that if women cared enough about our men they would allow them to be men and honor their feelings, encourage their emotions and stop being bully bitches and start being caring souls in which a female is suppose to feel and be… Both sexes regardless of their sexual preferences and needs is secondary to the early stages of any humans right.. but, what we do is not tippy toe around everything and what society has created is people that should not be, outspoken, a laraken, a man that is just pissed off, what occurs now is abuse charges over normal behavior and it is allowed by those in higher places that have no voice of opinion accept to create harsh abusive women who seem to think it is okay to degrade and take a mans pride which is the most important part of him being a male.. what about those men that are abused… who are silent and do commit suicide and they do.. all because if they speak out they will be named and shamed?? WTF…. that is my answer.. so my question is how do we change those that allow this behaviour to continue…

    I had hoped with all the wars, men good men died to protect our countries, but, when they return home who protects them? who protects their feelings and hindered souls?? pills? abuse? I could go on and on about this subject and I will…. loved your post it connected with me so many ways.. thank you x

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