Depression in Seniors: Why the Holidays Can Be Hard

DURING THE HOLIDAYS, our thoughts may gravitate to memories of our youth, growing up and time spent with family and friends. But as often happens when we age, family members and friends pass away. Loved ones move far away because of family and job obligations. Some people transition out of the homes where they spent decades of their lives, in order to make living arrangements that meet their growing care needs.

Sometimes this means moving in with family, but not always – older persons may not be able to follow their families from place to place because of physical limitations or their financial situation. Feelings of isolation and loneliness can take hold, especially during the holidays, a time that in the past was filled with activities and traditions with family and friends.

It’s natural to feel nostalgic, and it’s normal for people to feel sad when they think about the past and good times they had with others who are now far away or have passed away. Though these emotions may be difficult at times to view and address, we have to accept that they’re natural.  more


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