Untreated Anxiety Is a Gateway to Other Mental Health Problems

Here’s how parents can help kids in the early going, rather than waiting until issues snowball.

NEARLY ONE-THIRD OF kids suffer from an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives, according to the latest data. This is problematic for multiple reasons.

First, there’s the functional impairment that goes along with having an anxiety disorder. Anxiety interferes with kids being able to go to school, do the best they can while there to learn, make and keep friends, love their families and engage in activities they enjoy. When kids suffer from an anxiety disorder, they might be too scared to raise their hand in class, and some will refuse to go to school altogether. Others will have an extreme fear of play dates and friendships will suffer, while some will be too embarrassed to try playing a sport or engage in the arts out of fear that they’ll be terrible at it.  more

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