There Is Hope (Music Video)


Hope for Mental Health

This song was written to share hope with those who struggle with mental illness and to help breakdown the stigma and stereotype. People need to know that God cares and so does the church! Together, let’s make it ok to reach out and talk about it. For more resources and encouragement connect with Saddleback Church’s Hope for Mental Health ministry at

Written by Aaron Crumbey
Produced by Tony Guerrero and Aaron Crumbey
Video by Tyler Adams

Four walls, lock doors. I’m trapped in. Underwater, can’t breathe, suffocating.
Can’t think. Ya my thoughts be wondering. Nowhere to go. Guess I’ll stay in hiding. Feeling so alone. The world is kind scary so I’ll climb back in my zone.
Feeling so lost trying to find my way home. Always been an outsider, cast-away, the unknown. I don’t know what to do. Should tell my friends? But then again my friendships may end.
So I’ll keep it to myself. Won’t let you in. Lord, tell me how much longer before it ends. It’s like I’m living life through a dark tunnel. I can see light but I can only see it.
Even though some days I feel like I reached it only to be knocked back down the tunnel. Feeling defeated.
I start back up just to stop again. Failure becomes my reliable new friend.
I need to be free to tell. I pray the stigma gone. I pray that fear would fail.
I pray that God would free my mind from this jail cell.
At least give some people that I can tell, that I can trust, won’t write me of as wasted dust. I just wish my mind would hush.

I need a bridge to get from where I’m to where I wanna be.
I wanna live free from all this misery.
Can you help me, help me to be free?

There is hope. You’re not alone on your own by yourself.
There is hope. We are here, here for you and He is too.

There’s help and there’s hope and there’s a way to see life clearer, no scope, and there are three things that you really need to know. So let me get to them right before I let you go.
You’re not mistake and your struggles don’t define you. I wrote this song only to remind you you’re valued, priceless, yeah you’re to die for, with a plan and purpose. No, you’re not worthless. I know this for certain.
No you’re not burden. We all need to feel the pain when someone is hurting. You gotta know you’re worth it. There’s hope for certain.

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