Stars Who Have Opened Up About Dealing With Anxiety

Ryan Reynolds, Ariana Grande, Emma Stone and Hugh Grant are just some of the high-profile public figures who have gone public with their mental-health issues.

Approximately 18 percent of American adults deal with anxiety, including a number of Hollywood stars and entertainment industry figures.

While an omnipresent stigma has kept many famous faces from sharing their mental health struggles, more and more stars have come forward in recent years, with Ryan Reynolds and Carson Daly among the notable names speaking out just in the past few months.

Emma Stone, Lena Dunham and Jesse Eisenberg have teamed up with the Child Mind Institute to promote a campaign for mental health awareness. In their #MyYoungerSelf videos, a number of Hollywood stars share their experiences with mental illness, encouraging those suffering from anxiety disorders to seek treatment. Others have taken to their personal platforms to tell their stories, often in an effort to dispel any taboos that surround the topic.

With Hollywood in its own age of anxiety, read on to see how some of the industry’s stars deal with their own psychological issues.  more

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