This is how social media helped me deal with my mental health issues

I realized that I did not have to feel so alone when it seemed like someone was listening. Even if it was temporary, it was an outlet

Social media has been a major player in blasting open the conversation surrounding mental health. This week alone has seen millions of tweets of acceptance and support as those with mental health issues have shared their experiences on Twitter. Social media undoubtedly gives those who may ordinarily suffer in silence the freedom to share and open up about how they are feeling.

It’s well documented that social media can have a negative effect on a person’s emotional wellbeing. On the flipside, we know social media supports the mental health cause as a whole by bringing a taboo topic to the forefront. But does it help or hinder the individual who suffers daily?

That depends on the individual, of course.

I live with depression. I live with anxiety. I struggle to talk to people face to face as confidence issues set me back. I know my mental health is important so I talk about it. Or at least I do now. For a long time I didn’t. I suffered as many do, in silence – alone, unnecessarily.  more

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