Bebe Rexha Says Fighting Her Anxiety Is an Everyday Battle

“Obviously, they always come back. They’re never gone. But now I’m able to face them head on.”

There is a throughline in much of Bebe Rexha’s work — and she wants to do something about it.

“I haven’t worked with as many girls,” she confesses to Teen Vogue. Bebe’s a singer-songwriter who frequently collaborates with some of the biggest male artists working today. Her voice is often paired with someone rougher, lower, more likely to drawl out a rap in contrast to her rangy soprano. “I want to change that.”

There have, of course, been a few notable outliers: When 2014’s “Hey Mama,” which she cowrote, was released, Bebe’s name alongside David Guetta and Nicki Minaj was initially left off the title billing. (“I guess more than two names don’t look good on the radio,” she told Billboard at the time; the song’s title was changed soon after it became a hit. And when she teamed up with Rita Ora, Cardi B, and Charli XCX for “Girls,” the reception was more polarizing than the artists anticipated. All four have since clarified their intentions for the song; for her part, Bebe said that the song “is the life that I live and it’s honest to me.”  more

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