I have extreme travel anxiety — here’s the one thing I’ve found helps

  • I have extreme anxiety when it comes to planning and going on a trip.
  • To ease my anxiety, I tried doing the exact opposite of what I usually do and I planned nothing.
  • It made me realize that I don’t need to have control in order for things to go well, and thinking that I do is such a huge source of my anxiety.

When it comes to going on vacation, I often feel like my brain is split in two. One part of me is filled with adventure and spontaneous energy; I want to go everywhere, see new things, try exotic foods, and explore whatever comes my way.

The other part of me, the bigger part, is filled with travel anxiety. I worry about the smallest of details from the moment a trip idea comes into my head until the moment the vacation ends. It isn’t until I’m settled in my bed, home safe, that I feel an immense sense of relief. The sad part is that I absolutely love being on vacation and exploring a new place. Because of that, I am always looking for ways to fight my travel anxiety.  more

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