YUNGBLUD is debuting a heart-wrenching new music video for “Kill Somebody.”

The video is a visual representation of what anxiety and depression feel like inside his head, according to the songwriter. Watch it below!

YUNGBLUD’s  “Kill Somebody” is uncomfortable. First, it shows the musician covered in blood in his hands and face. The idea of suicide is also present throughout the video.

The violence is not gratuitous, though. The video is supposed to be a visual depiction of the anxiety and depression he suffers.

“This song is about the darkest place I discovered in my mind. At first it really scared me. But i learned to talk about it,” he explains on Instagram. “For those of you who have felt or feel any type of darkness, know your not alone. Mental health is finally being taken seriously allowing conversations to be had and this song helped me free myself from the weight of it for a while.”

The singer/songwriter also adds that he kept the track stripped back in order not to “cloud the message behind it.”

The music video is a visual depiction of what depression and anxiety feel like inside YUNGBLUD’s head.  more

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