This Is Why Every Day Should Be World Mental Health Day

Conversations about mental health are too few and far between at work. No surprise there. They can be awkward and often feel like an overshare. Just talking about talking about mental health can make some people anxious. But you have to start somewhere. The numbers of people affected by poor mental health are growing too fast, and they are too serious to ignore. The truth is that World Mental Health Day, which I completely applaud, should be every darn day.

To make a dent in the most difficult issues—chronic depression, suicide, anxiety, and addiction—employers need to create as many opportunities as possible to learn more about the serious issues facing our workforce and their families. But how can you get people’s attention when there’s so much information and so little time? By sharing amazing stories that will bring to light the issues facing one in four Americans right now….and who very well may be sitting at the desk next to you:  more

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