Young people and mental health: blogs and stories

Soon I concluded that for me to get better, my friends and teachers needed to know what I was going through. Fortunately I was on good terms with my form tutor who appeared sensitive and understanding. Indeed, this proved to be the case when one day I stayed behind to discuss the problems that I had been having. (Matt)
Depression: “I am a stronger person… because I talked about it”

How can I help?

The aim of the Time to Change campaign is to encourage us all to be more open about our mental health, and to start conversations with those who might need our support.

Why not find out how you could start a conversation about mental health?  more

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One thought on “Young people and mental health: blogs and stories

  1. Mental Health is one very important issue across the world. We all need to have a serious heart to heart talk about how we help those with a mental Health Problem. We can make a difference in anyone who suffers just by talking with them each day and maybe a few times each day !! Let’s join together in this talk about mental health and how to help those affected !!

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