‘Catastrophic’ mental health changes tied to climate change, study says. What we know

On the heels of a United Nations report that warned we have until 2030 to stop climate change from raising temperatures above a key threshold, another study found that the increasing heat could also lead to a decline to mental health.

Nick Obradovich, research scientist at the MIT Media Lab and co-author of the new study, warned of “catastrophic” dips in mental health for some if climate change causes the global temperature to increase by 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

“Our paper — when coupled with evidence that climate change may impact everyday human moods to severe outcomes like suicide — provides further evidence that exposure to heat, on average, worsens mental health outcomes,” Obradovich said, according to Inverse.  more

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2 thoughts on “‘Catastrophic’ mental health changes tied to climate change, study says. What we know

  1. Heat that continues day after day after day like it did in western Colorado this summer definitely affects my mood. I felt trapped. Now that the cool days of autumn are here, I feel so much more optimistic, for no apparent reason. I can get outdoors with my animals, which always improves my mood (scientific fact and if you doubt me, well then you should go to my blog about the human-animal bond and how that connection can counteract somewhat the effects of climate change). Climate change is already here and whether or not it is reversible, I am in some doubt. I have been studying this for over 3 years academically, and I personally think it’s too late. But I very much hope I am wrong. In the meantime, I encourage everyone dealing with depression to GET OUTDOORS. Whenever you can for however long is practical for you. Animal lovers, get outdoors with yours and check out my blog Zoodulcis for the latest on human wellness and animal interaction news. Best, Dr. Lauren Hall Ruddell.

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