15 Insane Stories From The Bible Everyone Forgets About

The Bible is a very, very strange document – technically, it’s just a WHOLE BUNCH of texts, books, and tomes from many different authors and points in history, which have been altered and edited and translated over and over and over…and still all viewed as a single work. When you have something like that, there’s gonna be a lot of weird stuff in there that people mostly gloss over in favor of the bigger messages and themes (especially when several major religions use it as the Word of God). But did you know HOW weird it gets? As the denizens of r/AskReddit found out – PRETTY WEIRD.

Remember Joseph and his coat of many colors? His siblings did a lot.

A man once slept with/raped one of their sisters. The man then asked Joseph’s family to marry the girl. The brothers agreed, but said that the man and his entire village/tribe would need to get circumcised first.

So all the men in the village get circumcised, which means they’re bedridden for the next couple days. Once that happened, a couple of Joseph’s brothers walked into the village and killed every single man while they were in their beds. more

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