Weird dreams on seroquel

Anyone else get this? Every night now I have such lifelike dreams. And so many of them too. A very weird thing is often in these dreams I am sedated, like my asleep self is very aware of the fact that I am being kept asleep by medication. A couple times even in dreams I looked over to see a pill bottle in my hand or was trying to spit pills out of mouth so it’s even further symbolism there. I couldn’t even go on 100 mg because the dreams became too insane and I was trapped in them, I couldn’t claw my way out. (They’re not all nightmares but when they are nightmares it’s horrible)  more

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2 thoughts on “Weird dreams on seroquel

    1. I have been using seroquel for a while now, I am on a low dose but the dreams are still crazy! (I will admit, I look forward to a new adventure every night i go to sleep)

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